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Friends of Cornerstone ensure a strong future for the local Catholic community in Beloit, Kansas.

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Betty and I have decided to support Cornerstone Charitable Foundation because we believe in what is taking place here at St. John's.

The school is so important in the formation of the kids on all levels. We see the real difference that school is making in the lives of the young people to create a better America and strengthen the overall Church. Se we are choosing to support the good work that St. John's is doing and we encourage you to do the same.

Leon and Betty Krier, Parishioners since 1990

The Krier's support has funded a recurring student scholarship.

Because of Leon and Betty, as well as several other generous donors, $69,500 in scholarships were awarded in 2016.

I was so fortunate to graduate from St. John's and I really wanted to help Cornerstone's campaign for St. John's School. I was open to different ways that this could be accomplished. I had a bank CD that I desired to go to my children at the time of my death, yet discovered that through setting up a charitable lead trust (CLT), I can have that money go to my children at my death but at the same time is a win-win-win for me, my children, and for the efforts of Cornerstone.

Dorothy Kolarik, St. John's Class of 1946


Dorothy's CLT has aided in Cornerstone's evangelization efforts.

The books given at Christmas and Easter are one example of these funds aimed to increase the faith!

Several years ago I was looking for a way to give back to the future of St. John's. At that time I felt a life insurance policy would be a great way to do that...we feel it's important to have a solid foundation to build our faith on. Because of Cornerstone and the hard work and support of so many, I believe that the foundation of St. John's is being strengthened for many generations to come.

Scott and Teresa Heidrick

The insurance policy gives holders the option to gift a designated percentage of benefits to the longevity of the local Catholic community.


Following its own success in the taxable bond business and seeing a need across the country for new and innovative ways for the non-profit world to think about the financial ecosystem, Cornerstone invested a great deal of time and resources into creating and fine-tuning its conduit bond business.  Toward that end, it formed a single member limited liability company, CCF Finance LLC, which can “rent out” its bond issuing capabilities to other non-profits by providing turnkey conduit financing.  Its board meets regularly to consider potential non-profit conduit relationships, quickly assessing whether a transaction is ripe, and if so, can provide non-profits the money they need within 90 days.  These conduit financings are captured on Cornerstone’s audited statements, and relieve the borrowing non-profits of the often complex accounting details associated with such transactions.  Cornerstone’s conduit structure is a win-win-win for the non-profit, its lender, and its donors.

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